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The NCRR still exists today.  We have changed our name to the Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress to be more reflective of the times.



Our thanks to Janice Yen, who made available her archives of photos and who also reviewed and helped to edit the Reader, and to Suzy Katsuda, David Urmston and Steve Nagano, who put their efforts into getting this work ready for our website.


Photo Credits

We would like to thank Guy Aoki, Edna Horiuchi, Suzy Katsuda, Glen Kitayama, Kathy Masaoka, Kay Ochi, Kaz Ota, Wilbur Sato, Unity Newspaper, Janice Yen and others who may have donated their snapshots to the NCRR photo archives.


Our Sources for the Reader

Articles for the Reader were compiled from people still attending our monthly meetings.  In addition, we would be remiss if we did not also cite the Oral History Project of NCRR as a major source of our information for the Reader.



There are omissions of events involving the NCRR in Southern California that have been missed and will need to be added.  These are, but not limited to, the history and significance of our “Days of Remembrance” programs, the individual cases brought against the government during the post redress period, minors that were deported to Japan during the war and a more thorough look at the dynamics and people involved in the founding conference that created the NCRR.


The Reader also lacks the story of Amy Uno Ishi who played a pioneering role in our early grassroots campaign.  Amy was in the forefront of the movement to publicize the internment experience a decade before the start of the redress campaign.


We Rely on Their Support

Also not represented are members and supporters who continue to work with us like Kei Nagao, Duane Sanchez and Evelyn Yoshimura.  They are always on hand to help NCRR present critical programs of interest to the community. We still rely on those who can still be counted on to “rally around the flag” when the call goes out… community activists like Guy Aoki, Gary Fujimoto, Miles Hamada, Shirley Hibino, Edna Horiuchi, MaryAnn Ito, Dennis Kobata, Glen Kitayama, Ruth Kondo, Mike Murase, Mike Nakayama, Reiko Nimura, Yvonne Wong Nishio, Merrilynne and Richard Quon, Bob Toji, Jan Tokumaru, Craig and Gale Hane Wong and Denise Yamamoto.


We also would like to express our thanks to our cultural artists who time and again have come to perform and show their support at our rallies and Days of Remembrance Programs.  Our gratitude to performers like Traci Kato Kiriyama, Nobuko Miyamoto, Edward James Olmos, Glen Suravech and Denise Uyehara just to name of very few of so many who have given of their time, effort and talents so generously!


We would also like to acknowledge the contributions and support to NCRR from community activists like Dr. Mary Oda and Michi Weglyn of New York.  We would also be derelict in our duty if we did not mention the incredible job that was done through the Office of Redress Administration by Bob Bratt, whom we thank to this day.



Acknowledging an Ongoing Struggle

For the ongoing struggle in the “Campaign for Justice” for Latin American abductees, we salute those involved in the effort in Southern California.  Congressman Xavier Becerra, Gary Mayeda, Robin Toma, just some who are not presented in picture or an article for this Reader.



In Remembrance

We reserve a special place in our hearts to remember and honor all those who have passed on.  We are forever grateful for the contributions of George Canillas, Glenn Horiuchi, Amy Uno Ishi, Tim Nabara, Bert Nakano, Fred Okrand, Judy Nishimoto Ota, Tom Shiroishi and Michi Weglyn.  We will always remember them as friends and fellow activists who dedicated a major portion of their lives to the cause of redress and justice!



We dedicate the NCRR Reader to Bert Nakano



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