NCRR Banner 1981_02Feb Commission Hearings: Only the beginning; Feb. 19 Day of Unity & Action; Nat'l Conference Inspires; R.R Through the Law; From the Regionals--L.A., Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco/East Bay, San Jose/Peninsula; Pacific Southwest JACL Endorses NCRR; The U.S. Imprisonment of the Aleut People; In Memoriam: Amy Uno Ishii; enclosure Japanese-language insert

NCRR Banner 1981_05May NCRR Spokesperson, Bert Nakano, Speaks Out on Commission Hearings; Racism Rears it Ugly Face…Is it 1942 Again?; Concerned Japanese Americans (CJA) Joins NCRR; Testify!!!!; Notes on the Commission; Commissioners; S.F.'s JCPA Speaks Out on Community Fund; Dr. Gordon Hirabayashi; Campaign for Hearing Sites

NCRR Banner 1981_06JunJul An Indepth Look at the R/R Movement; San Diego Nisei Speaks Out for R/R; Commission Update; From the Regionals; Members & Supporters of NCRR

NCRR Banner 1981_09SeptOct Looking Back on the Commission Hearings; It is Only Right; Sansei's Feelings on CWRIC Hearings; Winning R/R: Post Hearing "Directions"; United Auto Workers Support NCRR; Push for a New York Hearing Date!