NCRR Digitizes Archives with CCLPEP Grant

In 2007, NCRR received a grant from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program  (CCLPEP) for the archiving of NCRR’s historical Days of Remembrances.  The grant will allow the events to be preserved via our website,   The committee consists of Janice Yen, co-grant writer and “mad scanner,” Kay Ochi, co-grant writer and unofficial “keeper of boxes of historical documents, Miles Hamada, webmaster and previous DOR poster creator, Edna Horiuchi, assimilator of historical interviews and Suzy Katsuda, a sometimes DOR photographer.  We have been furiously scanning articles, DOR written programs, NCRR statements, the biographies of speakers, entertainers and photographs of the DOR events. 

The grant allowed us to purchase a heavy-duty Epson scanner and threel external hard drives to back-up and store the data by the committee members. Several of our NCRR members have assiduously collected boxes of Rafu Shimpo articles, photos, Banners (our newsletters) relating to DORs and other historical events.  It has been a huge challenge to undertake scanning NCRR’s 26-year history.

We hope to go “live” before the next DOR to be held at the Japanese American National Museum on Saturday, February the 16th.  Please look for our Days of Remembrances on our website soon.