The Historical Archives including the Day of Remembrance Archives

In an effort to preserve over three decades of the history of NCRR and its involvement with the commemoration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s February 19, 1942 signing of Executive Order 9066, we established the Day of Remembrance Archives to remember the DORs of the past. Partly funded by the CCLPEP (California Civil Liberties Public Education Program), the DOR website includes more than 25 Days of Remembrance. The DOR Archives home page features all of the Los Angeles DOR posters, postcards and flyers. The DOR archives documents each of the programs with historical significance of DOR, scanned documents, original artwork, speakers, photos, presses coverage, and “Fighting Spirit“ awardees given to deserving grass roots activists. Each year’s DOR from 1981 through 2008 reflects NCRR efforts in the campaign to educate the public as to the unprecedented and unjust incarceration of over 110,000 Japanese Americans in United States concentration camps during WWII.

In addition to the DOR Archives, we recently included a Historic Redress Archives which takes NCRR’s history from its Founding Conference in 1980 to its current work in support of other communities who have suffered from the violations of civil and constitutional rights in the name of national security, the excesses of presidential authority, and targeting of ethnic and religious minorities after the attacks of September 11th, 2001. The Historic Redress Archives includes photos, press releases, articles, personal testimonials, etc . ,relating to all things Redress including the historic Commission Hearings in 1981, the 1987 Lobbying trip to Washington DC to lobby the House and the Senate for their support of the passage of the Civil Liberties Act on August 10th, 1988. Many groups were not included in the original Civil Liberties Act so the struggle for the different denied groups is also documented. The current struggle for justice for Japanese Latin Americans (Campaign for Justice) is also on the Redress Archives.

The archive committee consisted of Miles Hamada (webmaster), Janice Yen & Kay Ochi, co-coordinators, Edna Horiguchi and Suzy Katsuda.

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By Suzy Katsuda for the Winter 2009 Banner