Program Summary
  1992 marked the 50th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942.  This order empowered the military to remove all Japanese Americans from the West Coast and set into motion the events and ruinous effects that impacted the Japanese American community for many generations.

This momentous anniversary drew the interest and support of the major Japanese American community organizations, which collaborated to create a series of commemorative programs. 

The Day of Remembrance program featured speakers Mayor Tom Bradley and Councilman Michael Woo and, also, featured a special tribute to Ralph Lazo, who had passed away on New Year’s Day 1992.  NCRR’s Fighting Spirit Awards were presented to NCRR stalwarts: Bert Nakano, Bernadette Nishimura, and Lily Okamoto.

In addition to the traditional Day of Remembrance program, NCRR sponsored a Night of Remembrance, a musical and cultural program produced by Miya Iwataki.

This cultural tribute featured the artistry of musicians, Glenn Horiuchi, Lillian Nakano and Francis Wong who performed Horiuchi’s original work “Poston Sonata”.  David Iwataki and Yutaka Yokokura brought together Dan Kuramoto, June Okida Kuramoto and Johnny Mori to perform with the “Day of Remembrance Band” which included musicians Richard Garcia, Kevin Ricard and Jerry Watts.  Vocalists included Jesse Acuna, Atomic Nancy and Pauline Wilson.

The evening also featured performances by Amy Hill, Nobuko Miyamoto and Lane Nishikawa.

The Day of Remembrance events also included a Children’s Workshop to teach children about Japanese culture and the incarceration experience.  In the afternoon, a series of presentations included panels on the topics of No-No Boys, Resistance in the Camps, Nisei Soldiers and Terminal Island.  In the early evening, a Candle Light Ceremony was held in the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center plaza to honor deceased Japanese Americans former internees.

On Sunday, February 16, Glenn Horiuchi premiered his original work, “Little Tokyo Suite” at Harbor College Recital Hall.  And, on March 7, a Civil Rights Conference was held at UCLA.
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