1981 Press Releases
Rafu Shimpo, 2/10/081
  Candelight March Set for February 21, 1981
  Former Detention Center to be site of Sacramento Rites
  Rafu Shimpo 12/20/81, Candelight March (Editorial)
  Rafu Shimpo, 2/24/81, Photo at Federal Building
  Rafu Shimpo, 3/24/81, Article
  Los Angeles Times, 8/9/81, CWRIC Hearings.PDF   
  Rafu Shimpo, 7/29/81, CWRIC Hearings
  Rafu Shimpo, 5/18/81,UTLA endorsement    
  Rafu Shimpo, 10/21/81M, NCRR Goals    
  American Friends Committee, Fall 1981
  Rafu Shimpo, 11/06/81, Bnai Support (PDF)