Statement by Frank Emi
October 7, 2006 - Watada Reception

My name is Frank Emi.
I was one of the organizers of the Fair Play Committee in the Concentration camps at Heart Mountain, Wyoming where we challenged the government's drafting of young men incarcerated in the camps during WW2.

Mr. Watada, I really congratulate you for your unwavering support of your son, Lt. Ehren Watada, for whom I have the highest admiration and regard for this steadfast commitment to his principles and beliefs about the war in Iraq, which was initiated by Bush and company based on lies and deceit about WMDs.

Lt. Watada, better than anyone else, is keenly aware of the consequences of his action and yet he is undaunted by the prospects of harsh penalties that may include “hard time� in prison.

Talking about “hard timeâ€?, I am a veteran of that experience, having served 15 months of a four year sentence at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary on “conspiracyâ€? charges during our draft resistance movement at Heart Mt.  Fortunately, our convictions were reversed upon appeal.

It ain’t always easy to fight for principles. It is much easier to go with the crowd. It takes guts, integrity and conviction to stand up for your beliefs and principles, and Lt. Watada has it all!

I'll conclude my little talk by saying that all these JA veterans who are opposing Lt. Watada, saying derogatory things about him, should be standing up congratulating him.

I for one, feel proud that one of our own stood tall and will be counted fighting for a righteous cause.  Thank you.